Parking Lot Replacement

Mark Mead Concrete Construction has unique ability to remove and replace damaged commercial parking lot areas. We specialize in quick turn-around for high traffic or heavy semi trailer shipping and receiving areas. If needed our experienced crews can start Friday evening and finish by Sunday. Allowing you to be back in business by Monday morning with little or no interruption of service to your facility. No matter if your job is small or large, Mark Mead can find a solution to satisfy your concrete needs that fits your budget.

24 to 48 hr Parking lot removal and replacement Client List

  • Design/Verify/Pre work meeting/ layout
  • Saw cut area for demo
  • Remove desired area
  • Under cut sub-grade
  • Replace sub-grade and compact
  • Install expansion joint
  • Drill and install greased dowel bars
  • Pour paving
  • Seal paving
  • Saw paving with soff-cut saws
  • Caulk saw cuts
  • Re-stripe paving
  • Turn over to owner with in allotted time
  • Fed Ex
  • UPS
  • Toyota parts
  • Frito lay
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • YRC world wide haedquarters
  • ADT
  • Glazers Distributing
  • Nazdar
  • Jesus Films
  • Associated wholesale grocers
  • Pizza blends